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Memtex Ltd. was founded in 2003. Its main activity is the production of parts and components for gas systems for vehicles, forklifts and boats including: repair kits, diaphragms, gaskets and valves for pressure regulators (reducers), fuel filters and absorbers, an in-house developed LPG pressure regulator (reducer).

The company has a strong global presence. We sell our products worldwide. Our customers are companies producing, and/or maintaining, and/or supplying gas equipment for vehicles, forklifts and boats.

Quality & ISO Certification - Memtex’s commitment to quality is reflected in our ISO 9001 Quality Management System and Approval as per ECE R 67.01.

Memtex Ltd. is a certified investor for Investment Class B. We have expanded our operations by investing in a new manufacturing facility comprising 1500 m² manufacturing and office area on a plot of 5000 m² located in Industrial Park Sofia-Bozhurishte.

Memtex Ltd. has two locations in Bulgaria with a total of 2000m² production and office area – one in the capital city of Sofia and one in Industrial Park Sofia-Bozhurishte ( located in the heart of South – East Europe, next to the capital Sofia, 23 km. from Sofia airport).

For more information about Industrial Park Sofia-Bozhurishte please visit the following link:

Location 1: 431, Tsar Boris III, 1619 Sofia, Bulgaria
Location 2: Industrial Park Sofia-Bozhurishte, 2227 Bozhurishte, Bulgaria


The activity has been started in 1991 by a passionate mechanical engineer dedicated to the use of alternative fuels in internal combustion engines.

With the foundation of Memtex Ltd. in 2003 and the expansion of its activities, over the years the company has established its position as a leader on the European market in manufacturing of parts and components for gas systems for vehicles, forklifts and boats.

Since 2008 the company regularly participates in different international expos and trade shows.

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We truly believe environmental responsibility matters to business. In a world that is increasingly facing environmental issues, we are committed to accelerate the global transition to a sustainable future and ensure a cleaner and healthier environment.